Mission Southside
Tuesday, December 18, 2018

2018 Mission Southside Intern Application

 If you are interested, please complete the application below by February 5. 
     Phone Number:     
1.  How did you come to know and follow Christ? 
2.  What has helped you grow the most to love and serve the Lord?
3.  What motivates you most as you think about serving with Mission Southside?
4.  What are some of your key strengths and abilities? 
5.  What is an area of your life (a specific skill, habit, ability, character quality, etc.) in which you would like to grow?
Year of HS / College Graduation:           HS      College
Foreign Language & Fluency:     
Home Church / Campus Ministry:     
Please provide two references (name, address, phone number, and how you know them)
Reference 1:
Reference 2:
I understand that a background check will be required and will be a condition of employment as an intern with Mission Southside.      I Agree      I Disagree