Mission Southside
Thursday, July 18, 2019

Our Prayer, Priority & Privilege

Praying for effectiveness as we reach out to those we seek to serve is the primary ministry Christ calls us to.
“Lord, teach us to pray.” This request came from Jesus’ closest followers who noticed the power and priority of Jesus’ prayer life and wanted to share in that experience!  Jesus modeled for them a simple and profound way to pray in humble dependence and gratitude that would bring them into alignment with God and His purposes. (Luke 11)
As we extend Help and Hope and desire to see transformed lives in every corner of the community, we recognize the priority of this kind of prayer – humble, dependent, grateful, and attentive to God’s purposes and plans. We don’t want just what we can do; we want what God can do!
Will you join us in praying for the Mission and the people? At 10am each day during the week, we stop what we are doing and gather to pray. We would love to have you join your heart in prayer with us – wherever you are at 10am!
See below for the specific prayer focus. Thank you so much for your prayers for Mission Southside, our volunteers and the people that we serve. Lord, teach us to pray!
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