Mission Southside
Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Our Mission: Taking Jesus to people in need by extending help and hope.

Mission Southside Interns

Part way through the summer internship program, we asked each of our 5 interns to write out a ministry highlight that they could send out to friends and family to update them on their summer and the way God was at work in their hearts and in their community. These are only a few of many ministry highlights we have heard them share over the summer. As a group, our interns say they have seen God move in incredible ways, even in the small and seemingly insignificant moments of daily life. Read their stories and be reminded that God is at work in our community!
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An Unforgettable Story

Recently, Mission Southside responded to an amazing offer from Mr. Jeff Rouse, Owner of the Chick-fil-A franchise in Olathe. His idea was to designate a day when his Chick-fil-A customers could donate one meal beyond the one they were purchasing for themselves to help address community hunger. The results were amazing.  Nearly 500 of his customers donated meals in one day! Mission Southside collected those meals for distribution through its “Lunch Bus” program.

Mission Southside Easter Celebration

This Easter Season, Sheridan Village, Reyes, Eagle’s Pointe, Antioch Crossing, Governor’s Court, South Edgebrook, Connestoga Mobile Home Community, Santa Barbara Estates and Park 7 Apartments all had Easter Celebrations and nearly 300 people heard the Gospel.

What a coat did for a foster child

A 14 year old boy has been moving from house to house each night for the past month as there is not enough foster homes in Kansas to give him a permanent place to stay. As we are well aware of weather in Kansas changes quickly and since he was moving every night no one had noticed he didn’t have a coat. As soon as he arrived at our house I noticed he didn’t have one and asked as a mom where his was. He just looked at me and said everyone asks but I don’t have one and I don’t know how to get one. I told him I have a neighbor who has a really big heart and we drove to Mission Southside. He walked out with the biggest smile on his face not only with a coat but shirts, jeans and even a pair of shoes without a hole in them.
I am so thankful for everyone who gives to Mission Southside and the opportunities it gives to share Jesus’s love with the young people who walk through our doors.

2015 Ribbon Cutting


The Story of Hally's Bibles

I had never been to a J-Train before this summer. I didn’t know what I was going to be doing there or who’s story I would share. I went to the last two days of the J-Train at Eagle Pointe and on the last day I was told there were Bibles to be handed out and that they were given in memory of Hally Yust, a young girl I had been blessed to know well.

Bikes and Beds for Foster Care Kids

Most foster kids come into the foster system with just the clothes on their back, leaving behind everything important in their lives. A couple of weeks ago, Mission Southside gave me 10 bikes to distribute, and 10 foster kids and their foster parents came to our home to pick out a bike. You would have thought Christmas was happening on our front porch!

Joe's Story

In September 2013, Joe found himself homeless and sleeping in his car. He had been struggling financially for some time. He was just making ends meet, but when his rent was raised, it was the final straw. He had no other choice but to leave the apartment.