Jan 17, 2021
Mission Southside
Esmeralda Reyes

One beautiful encounter I got to experience and see the Lord in was a night when the interns and LIT Alumni packed the Bible Kits. After the packing was done, we had a smores night. As all of the LIT Alumni gathered around the fire and enjoyed their smores, Mission Southside also was hosting ELL class. ELL class stands for English Language Learner which is offered free to the community to learn the main used words they would need for English and how to be able to carry a conversation. As the people walked out of the building, some of the interns jumped up and offered them the most American sweet they could eat: a delicious smore. I met two ladies who attend the class. Both spoke up to four languages! I was in shock; I only speak two and that is difficult to keep up with. It was so cool that these ladies were so open to try something new and how the Lord can always find someone to use to communicate to others. These two ladies spoke English with such confidence even though they had recently learned it and were still learning – in a setting with language partners putting God’s love into action. I loved speaking with these two ladies, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet them!