Jan 17, 2021
Mission Southside
Maria Bocanegra:

Well here we are again, summer number three of being an intern with Mission Southside. Every summer has felt so insanely different, and in that, it’s been very exciting. However, this summer was emotionally, physically, and mentally just a little tougher than the other summers. Half way through the summer I came down with a fever and gout in my right ankle. Due to all of the precautions we were taking to make sure it was not COVID, I had to miss out on two weeks of the internship. It was a hard time not being able to connect with everyone. Although this time was super hard, in many areas, there have been some amazing things that have come from it. I was able to plug into a new church and grab lunch with one of the LIT girls. We were able to share a little bit of our stories with each other. I have known this girl for a few years now and have heard part of her story but I never had the chance to just sit down and truly listen to her one on one. It was definitely the highlight of my summer and we even decided to keep the Sunday tradition going for as long as we can!