Jan 17, 2021
Mission Southside
Nick Wagoner

Every Summer is different. There is always excitement, anxiety, and curiosity as to how God will move. In this season of a global pandemic, these feelings were heightened as there were even more unknowns. However, there is one constant that will always be the same: God is moving and will continue to move in unexpected ways. For me, this unexpected way came in the form of a middle school boy named Geramy. Geramy is a part of our Leaders in Training program, which is a program for middle school students living in under-resourced areas that seeks to teach faith, life skills, and character. Geramy is in his third year in the program, so he is a seasoned veteran at this point. I first met Geramy a year and a half ago, and instantly we had a connection. As we have grown over the past year, I have had the opportunity to see Geramy grow. 

The biggest story that sticks out to me happened last year on a canoe trip. As we were sitting around the campfire, Geramy began preaching to the group, extending his hands and yelling at the top of his lungs how great God is and how he is constantly at work to love and comfort all of his people. At the time it was funny and surprising, but now it is obvious that that was the start of something amazing God was doing in Geramy’s life.

Since then, God has grown him into a bright young man who is not afraid to question and live out his faith. This summer is when our relationship really began to grow. From checking in to see how he is doing, to playing video games with him at night, we have really gotten to know one another on a deeper level. One of the things that most people do not know is that Geramy has an older brother with Autism named Luis. Luis cannot talk well and is in a wheelchair and needs to be cared for all day long. Watching Geramy care for his brother and loving him in the midst of hard and challenging times is something even I have marveled at. And this love does not just stop with his brother but instead extends to all people.

I believe Geramy will grow up to be in a profession that helps people, such as Mission Southside. His perspective on life has impacted me in the short time I have known him, and I am so excited to witness all that God has in store for him. He has quickly become like a little brother and I am so proud to say that our relationship will stretch beyond this life. I know that if you were to meet Geramy, you would fall in love with his character, mindset, and heart as I have. I am grateful for Mission Southside that I have this experience, this memory, and a lifelong brother.